Marketing Strategy & Story Coaching

If you’re anything like me then starting your own business and really throwing yourself out there to be bold, serve others with your expertise, and grow your business like crazy is REALLY, REALLY scary!

Believe me, I can relate. Every time I make a big goal in an area that’s new to me, I go through this process. Often, our biggest dreams are the most intimidating to pursue. But nothing is quite as exhilarating either.

Helping entrepreneurs move from fear, overwhelm, and frustration to confidence, excitement, and success is my biggest passion and my calling. To help entrepreneurs accomplish this, I offer 1-on-1 coaching focused on marketing strategy and story coaching – to make your messaging WAY more effective.

You can’t afford to waste time and need the right advice for your business right now. As a professional marketer, I constantly scour the marketplace for what is working best for small businesses. While technology platforms change, some things stay the same.

I take a balanced approach and stay on top of technologies that may be perfectly suited for you as well as helping you craft your messaging with the oldest and most effective method known to man – stories.

I will be your safe place, your cheerleader, give you advice that is specific to you and your business, and gently push you through your fears to help you experience real success.

What does it look like to work with me?

We meet face-to-face on Skype for 45 minutes each week for 6 weeks. Here is exactly what we cover:

Weeks 1-3
- Create a personalized marketing plan including: mission, vision, goals, strategies, and action steps (based on your strengths, personality, lifestyle, and goals). You will look at this every day and stay focused on doing only what is most important to drive your business forward.
- Establish a daily and weekly routine so that all of your marketing efforts are using your time efficiently and getting results. You shouldn’t have to spend all of your time on marketing, so we pick only a few areas to focus your efforts and carve out specific times in your day and week when you will work on these tasks. The faster you create a routine, the faster it will become second nature to grow your business.
- Review your routine for accountability and fine tune it, so that it fits your life and moves you toward your goals. We will make sure you’re accomplishing what you commit to do and will fine tune anything that isn’t working the way it should.

Once you’re taking the best actions to grow your business daily and weekly, we enhance those efforts with the second half of the program.

Weeks 4-6
- Get into a storyteller's mindset that will help you grow your business.
- Brainstorm many of your life's experiences and choose one to turn into a brand story for you. 
- Craft a brand story together that engages and draws your audience to you, and quickens the sales process.
- We work on this from start to finish: brainstorm, outline and rough draft, revise.
- Leverage your story by adapting it to share on another platform: livestream, YouTube, blog, email marketing, website, live presentation, or prospect meetings.
- Best of all, we create this together, so you learn the process and understand exactly how to repeat it with future stories.

When we finish, you will have a business-building routine that works AND an understanding of how to craft messaging that engages, influences, and is completely authentic and natural to who you are. Here’s to removing the overwhelm and growing your business!

You can purchase this package for $850.

Schedule your 20-minute discovery call with me to see if this program is right for you.