Teaching business owners how to share who they are/what they offer

Have a business to grow but feel stuck when it comes to the right words to make that happen (think website, videos, blog, ads, email marketing, speaking, social media, or networking, oh my!)?

What are you supposed to say about yourself and your business to get your audience to know/like/trust you and sell products/services without feeling fake and salesy?

I wondered the exact same thing and the fear and frustration that I didn't know how to answer it fueled my quest to figure it out. Otherwise, how was I ever going to make real money in it?

Here’s what I found…you need to understand how to use words to connect with the pain and heart of your audience and show them why you're the right choice for them.

The most effective and authentic way to do this is by sharing your real-life stories – effectively, and in the right places for your audience. I know, easier said than done. Actually, that realization initially paralyzed me because I felt like an awful storyteller, never knowing if it would fall flat or stick. I was tired of people telling me to share my story but not showing me how to do it well.

It's like someone telling you to cook a meal you've never even heard of and then not giving you the recipe. Doesn't seem fair, right?

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Maybe you think you should know this already since you've had your business for awhile. I used to feel that way, too. Immediately after college, I interned at The U.S. Senate and White House in press and communications roles. Then I became a marketer for a business operating in 19 countries. But it wasn't until after I started my own business that I realized marketing strategy alone is not enough to move the needle forward in your business. Revealing your heart, expertise, and journey in story form is what makes it easy for your audience to understand and trust you.

My entire business is now centered on teaching entrepreneurs how and where to share their personal stories to grow their businesses or crafting their brand story with them.

I teach storytelling and marketing strategy that helps your audience quickly get to know you through an interesting and conversational story that also gives them the info they need about you to make a buying decision.

And because this didn't come naturally for me either, I walk you through it without leaving out a single step. I've got you covered, friend.

Let’s pull back the curtain on what successful business owners, screenwriters, and authors know about story and start implementing these nuggets into your business right now.

While we’re at it, let’s make it heart-felt and authentic, so that your marketing message always matches who you are.

Ready to start? Choose your own adventure:

More about me

I’m a left-handed girl livin’ in a righty’s world. I only wear makeup on weekdays if I’ll be on camera. I love to cook but am also known to give in to fast food cravings (Chipotle, anyone?). I can think of a song for almost anything someone says to me in convo – but I keep that on the inside unless I’m just hanging with my hubby ‘cause he’s the one who gave me that trait and totally appreciates it.

What I love:
my renaissance man, Russell, whose blue eyes I could stare at for days
my adorable, snuggly, tiny dogs, Ace and Max
well-told stories – there’s just something satisfying about ‘em
true success stories that don’t shy away from the unglamorous struggles to get there

Fave shows: Parks and Recreation, Fixer Upper, The Blacklist

Confession: I love the Star Wars series, Star Trek (the new JJ Abrams versions), Lord of the Rings series, and superhero movies

My superpower: identifying specific strengths inside others and encouraging them to push through scariness and insecurity to let their light shine in the world

On my wish list: learn to paint, grow an herb & veggie garden