Discover how your story sets you apart

to sell out your product, service, or program

Ever wonder how some people attract thousands of followers and customers easily?

Does that seem like something that only works well for other people, you know, the ones who give a play-by-play of their life but never seem to share valuable content other than selfie after selfie?

And, what’s up with the people you hate to love. There’s just something about them that keeps you going back and you’re really curious how they’re able to do that. So, you join their list and want what they sell because clearly they know something you don’t. After all, they drew you in...

Maybe right now you feel…

  • Like you wish you knew what to share about yourself as easily as other people with larger followings

  • Awkward about sharing personal stories with complete strangers

  • Like your life story is too boring to use as a sales tool to draw customers to you

  • Like some people are simply more charismatic than others, so this will never help you

If you aren’t sharing exactly what your audience wants to know about you, you’re leaving piles of money on the table.

Newsflash: those people you’re secretly jealous of are just like you! Despite how you may feel, we all have great stories to share but most of us don’t know how to find them or share them in an interesting way.

What if I told you that you COULD share your stories in an interesting way to build a following, a bigger email list, and to get more clients quickly?

YOU CAN! You just need someone to draw your story out of you and craft it the right way.

That’s where I come in.

Finding the amazing pieces of your story that makes you unique and crafting it to give you an edge on your competitors is my specialty.

The truth is, in today’s world, buyers are looking for an experience. When you share your story well, you are creating an experience that invites them to participate.

That’s how brands build a loyal following who keeps coming back.

That’s why their audience feels like they are friends with someone they’ve never even met in real life.

That’s why they join waitlists months in advance to buy anything that brand offers.

What if…

  • More followers click the buy button because they already know they love you

  • You didn’t have to work to convince someone why they should get on a discovery call

  • Your audience understands who you really are and they buy without questioning your value

  • Your audience clearly understood why you’re WAAY better than your competitors, even if you’re in a market with 8,000 people who offer a similar product or service

  • You look in your inbox and see people you don’t know reaching out to work with you instead of you trying to chase people down

There’s one HUGE reason for the disconnect you’re experiencing…facts are forgettable but stories sell.

Why stories are the deciding factor for your business

Stories are what people remember. It draws your ideal clients to you like a magnet.

Data alone provides no context without a story to explain it. We are influenced by story.

Stories make your audience hang on your every word.

No yuck factor: your story is the most authentic, un-salesy approach to sell to your audience.

If you still need convincing that your story is your advantage, check out my FAQs at the bottom of the page.

I will craft your story so that speaks to your audience as friends...sharing who you really are in a way that resonates with them, quickly draws them close, and makes them want to buy anything you offer.

My unorthodox approach

My process is a bit unusual. I approach my clients’ stories like a biographer. I uncover what makes you tick, your journey, what shaped your life, and the reason why you do what you do.

This instantly draws your audience to you like a magnet, and sets you apart from every other competitor - even if there are 8,000 competitors in your market! I’m not even kidding.

You’ve got a gold mine sitting in your head! Let’s draw it out.

My process is fast! From the time you start until you’re out the door with you short, medium, and long versions of your brand story ready to copy/paste anywhere you need is only 2-3 weeks.

This is a complete game changer!

I craft your story so that it:

  • distinguishes your brand from your competitors

  • shows the human side behind the brand

  • focuses on pieces that resonate with your ideal clients - even though they have different life experiences, they are likely seeking similar journeys

The deliverables:

  • Memory Prompt Brainstorm video and Google doc: 25-question guided brainstorm to help you recall a ton of life experiences that have shaped who you are and why you do what you do - this gives us a ton of material to discuss!

  • Story Session: we delve into your memory prompt brainstorm notes and piece together your story components.

  • Story Creation: then I craft an initial draft of the story and we collaborate on any revisions to make sure you’re in love with your story, that it is written in your voice, and that it is ready to become your best sales tool.

  • Additional, condensed version: once we finalize your comprehensive story, I’ll craft a second version that’s shorter and easier to plug into more places throughout your marketing and sales communications.

  • Strategy Session: once both versions of your story are complete, we have a 30-minute strategy session via a Zoom video call to discuss how to maximize your story throughout your marketing.

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What if I have a boring story?
So many of my clients initially feel like their story is boring, so this won’t be the right sales approach for them. It’s simply not true. Think about this, there is a reason you decided to commit yourself to the career you chose. You didn’t just fall into it, even if it feels that way. You had people and experiences that shaped you and reasons why you chose that path instead of another. I help you uncover those pieces and discover why you were supposed to be right where you are now - specifically equipped to serve your audience. Many of my clients are shocked that I’ve connected dots they never had - all in a way that gives them a sales advantage. 

Does this only work for personal brands?
Nope. This works for any business. People like to do business with people. Whether it’s an e-commerce business, a software company, or an online course, it’s important for your audience to know that there is a founder who has dedicated tons of time, effort, and heart to building something wonderful for their audience. Your audience needs to know who you are and why this matters so much to you. What shaped your life and brought you to this place? What sets you apart and makes you the best solution for them? They need to connect. Give them a reason to say yes that goes beyond the fact that you have a great product. This will help you stand out!

What if I’m new or not as talented as my competitors?
Then you need to show an angle that sets you apart and story is the perfect way to do that. Maybe you’re a brand new wedding planner but you’ve been planning events since your 5th birthday. That matters and gives you an edge! Your story conveys that.

If you’re not as talented as your competition then you then share a story about whatever makes you unique and why. This is your chance to direct the narrative.

How does telling my story make me better and lead to more sales?

You have differences you don’t even realize because you’ve likely always done things a certain way or thought a certain way, so you assume it’s common sense to everyone and nothing that gives you a sales advantage. This is the way my computer genius husband thinks about the way he can fix any computer problem and the way a group of professional organizers I spoke to think about the way their minds naturally understand how to organize.

Not everyone can think or act like you to produce the results you do. By pinpointing how you’re different in a way that delivers great results, you’ve just found a way to connect with your audience and show your value in a way your competitors aren’t even thinking of doing. Well, too bad for them but good for you. You now have the upper hand to win the business!

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