Story Definition and Structure

selling with storytelling

Businesses continue to learn how crazy important it is to draw in audiences with the power of story. For most of us this can be pretty daunting. This video is part 2 in my series on Selling with Storytelling. In this, I share how I like to define story, the difference between sharing an experience vs. sharing a story, and I give you a really simple structure to use as you begin to fashion your experiences into stories. You'll hear an example of how to use this structure through a story of my adventures with quiche. I would also love to know what you think of this video and formula in the comments below. Also, were you able to create a story using the structure this week? In my previous video in this series, I shared why story matters. If you haven't had a chance to watch that yet, check it out.

In today's vlog find out how the ingredients for quiche and storytelling bring out la dolce vita (the sweet life)!