A Lesson from Shark Tank for Your Business


Do you think sharing your personal story in business needs to include a sob story you went through? Nope, it doesn't have to be that way.

I may be a little late to the party but I’ve finally started watching Shark Tank and am officially sucked in. Interestingly, I’ve found that when the entrepreneur making the pitch includes pivotal moments in their backstory and clearly defines what the future will look like and why, they have a much better chance of getting a shark to invest.

So many people with great business ideas leave the show empty-handed because the sharks were confused about how their idea would work. Your audience is no different. Take the time to identify a couple pivotal pieces of your backstory and clearly define their future story to give your audience what they need to get on board and buy from you.

First, spend some time thinking about what prompted you to make life-changing decisions leading up to what you do now. People not only love a good backstory but it gives your audience great perspective into what you’re made of, why they should pay attention to you, and how they relate to you – all from sharing a couple of your life experiences. It all goes back to the adage of show, don’t tell. It’s much more authentic and personable.

Second, now that you’ve shared where you’ve been and developed an emotional connection with your target audience, share what’s ahead. What will their future will look like if they work with you? Paint a clear picture and use sensory language, so they can clearly visualize it. And, the best way to crystallize it in their mind is by sharing a story. This can be a client success story, your own results from using your product or your approach to the service you offer, or what you’ve seen others accomplish with this product or method.

Once you put this together, you will have a Shark Tank-worthy story to turn curious fans into clients.

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