Hidden Story Types that Grow Your Business

Talking about your business with a complete stranger or someone you see infrequently can be petrifying for anyone. How much do you share? What exactly should you tell them so that you're not rambling or selling yourself short?

I have frozen in conversation so many times because I don't want to give a canned, 30-second elevator speech. I want to say something more heartfelt and interesting - something that feels real. Ideally, I want to share something that actually gives them a flavor of who I am and what I'm all about. So I started a quest to become better at storytelling and I voraciously studied everything I could find for about a year.

All of that studying is helping me and I want it to help you, so that you have this information available at your fingertips without having to do a ton of research. Today's vlog is the last of a series of three where I discuss the types of stories people are most interested in hearing from you - whether you're at a cocktail party, giving a large presentation, or sharing on social media. I hope you enjoy these final two story types. I would love to hear if you work these into your conversations and what kind of results you have.

Happy storytelling!