Create a Mindset For Success

How do you shift your mindset to walk through your fear without turning and running the other direction?

Your mindset determines your level of confidence, success, the way you snap out a bad situation, and more.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog about knowing your reason why you do your business. Whether you are: starting a new business, growing your business, or making a major change in your business, we all find coping mechanisms for dealing with things we don’t want to truly deal with and handle. When you know the reason you absolutely must walk through whatever it takes to get to the other side, you will have what it takes.

Think of William Wallace in Braveheart. He had nothing but a desire to be free and was willing to do whatever it took to accomplish his goal. Don’t worry, I’m not saying that you have to be willing to die to have a successful business, I’m only saying that you will encounter difficulties, you will be thrown out of your comfort zone, and you will have to make sacrifices.

This will look a little different for everyone. For some who may be busy mothers, it will mean that you teach yourself that you are worth the time to set aside and work on your business. Sure, distractions will pop up and so will people who want to convince you otherwise, but you are now on a mission and you will commit to remaining focused on the task at hand for the time you have carved out to do this. Inch by inch, you are succeeding, expanding, and growing a stronger business.

For others, you may have a deluge of work and know you aren’t spending the time you need to refill your sales funnel by networking, blogging, reaching out to prospects and past clients, etc. You feel like you are so busy taking care of your clients that you aren’t taking care of your own business. This is how we experience peaks and valleys with sales. Commit time to your clients but don’t neglect to set aside a few hours a week blocked out on your calendar to continually grow your future business. Remember, if you don’t do this now, your business may not be able to take care of your clients the way you want to in the future. You are doing this both to help sustain your level of client/customer service and your own business growth.

3 tips to achieve this - Recognition: When you start to hear the familiar voice of dread, guilt, shame, or fear pop into your head about a particular task, recognize it for what it is doing to your business – creating an impediment to your success. I’ll get into this a little bit more in another blog in a few weeks.

- Replacement: Once you have recognized it for what it is, get it the heck outta there! In advance, you should find 3 quotes that you memorize about your willingness to do what it takes to accomplish your goal. Say those out loud over and over until the thought and emotion attached to your fear pass. Now you are telling your mind what it can and cannot tell you.

- Re-energize: With your mind now focused on your goal, attach an emotion to this quote and mindset to invigorate you to press on toward the goal. When you do this routinely, it will begin to become second nature.

If you haven’t read the previous Knowing Your Why and the Root of Your Fear blogs in this series, I recommend you take a look. Also, this entire blog series on fear encapsulates pieces of my free ebook Step Through Fear into Success that is available for download on my homepage.