The Best Stories to Grow Excitement

If you think the only stories your audience cares about are success stories and your origin story then you’ll be shocked to find out the best type of story to grow excitement with your audience is completely different – in fact it hasn’t even happened yet. This episode shares a one of the most powerful types of story that every business owner needs to include in their marketing.

The Right Way to Share Vulnerably in Business

Sharing vulnerably can feel scary but nothing else comes close to drawing in an audience like vulnerability. Many business owners resist because they fear damaging their credibility with prospective customers. There’s a right way and a wrong way to share vulnerably. Today’s episode teaches how to approach vulnerability to draw in your audience like a magnet.

Several Ways to Tell Your Brand Story

There are several ways to tell your brand story. Many business owners stop sharing their brand story because they don't want to sound like a broken record. But since you have new followers all the time, it's important to share your brand story regularly to connect with new followers and prospective clients. Today's episode teaches how to share your brand story in a ton of different ways for different purposes. Find out how to keep it fresh, new, and tailored to a specific goal each time you share it.

Hidden Goal of Marketing

The hidden goal of great marketing isn't sales, educating your audience, or storytelling just for the sake of storytelling. This episode reveals what the hidden goal of marketing is, so you can start using this to grow your following and your business in a way your audience will love.