Burt's Bees

Want a great example of a company who built a hugely successful business based on their brand story?

You are in for a treat because today's episode explores Burt's Bees and how it created an iconic brand story and wove it through every part of the business.

This catapulted Burt's Bees from a couple living in a turkey coop in rural Maine to a nine-figure business.

They understood the power of leveraging their brand story to create rabid fans who spread their message and to scale their business. Let the unbelievable backstory of Burt's Bees show you how to incorporate a similar strategy to use your brand story to build your business.

Bringing Others Into Your Story

Do you hear people tell you that you shouldn't talk about yourself, you should talk about your audience?

Then how will your audience get to know you, so that you can earn the know, like, trust factor you need to turn them into clients?

Today's episode shares how to interpret this advice so that your audience connects with you and you connect with them.

Brand Identity Theft

Are you tired of feeling like people don't get what makes you unique and your brain hurts from trying so hard to find the right words/photos to explain it or even figure it out for yourself?

What’s holding you back?

If that's you - and honestly, who doesn't want to improve their brand - then today's podcast episode is just for you.

In today's episode, you'll learn:

• what determines your brand (hint: it goes way deeper than your IG bio or photos)

• who stole pieces of your brand that you never realized

• how that affects the way others perceive your brand

• and what you can do about it

Hidden Goal of Marketing

The hidden goal of great marketing isn't sales, educating your audience, or storytelling just for the sake of storytelling. This episode reveals what the hidden goal of marketing is, so you can start using this to grow your following and your business in a way your audience will love.